Gebroeders Heinhuis started trading trucks in the early nineties. And after many a year it is still a family run business with a wide range of machinery, equipment, trucks and trailers. We know the business, listen to our customers and meet their needs in such a way that they come back for the next transaction. The team is strong, loyal and experienced. The father (founder) with the two brothers and seven fulltime employees sell about 5 to 700 units per year The yard has full repair facilities. Transport by truck or ship in the region or worldwide contain no secrets to us nor the handling of relevant documentation for customs, offers or advise.

Always check our bank account number on our website before transferring money. We or our employees will never ask you to make a payment to a different bank account number than the bank account number which is mentioned on our website. If someone asks you to transfer money to a different bank account number, please always contact us by phone before you transfer the money.

Bank name: ABN AMRO BANK N.V.
Account name: V.o.f. Autohandel Gebroeders Heinhuis
IBAN: NL62 ABNA 0496 5123 74