MAN TGS 26.480 6x6 HTS 30 Tons NCH System NL Truck Topcondition!

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Konstruktion Kabelsystem
Lagernummer 32
Baujahr 2009
Kilometerstand 592.683 K
Kraftstoffart Diesel
Schadstoffklasse Euro 4
Bruttogewicht 28.000 kg
Nutzlast 15.765 kg
Gewicht 12.235 kg
Preis € 25.000,-
Schäden: keines

MAN TGS 26.480 6x6.

Year: 2009.
Manual gearbox 8 gears.
Weight: 12.235 kg.
Load Capacity: 15.765 kg.
Max weight: 28.000 kg.
Axle load:
1: 9000 kg.
2: 13.000 kg.
3: 13.000 kg.
Euro 4.
VBG trailer coupling.
Hydraulic for trailer.
Electrical operated windows and mirrors.
Multifunctional steering wheel.
1-2: 3800 mm.
1-3: 5200 mm.
Retarder / Intarder.
Intergrated Radio CD.
Digital tacho.
RVS toolboxes.
On the back airsuspension.
Welvaarts 30 tons weight system (scale) including printer.
1: 385/65R22,5 80%.
2: 315/80R22,5 70%.
3: 315/80R22,5 70%.
HTS 3025 NCH Cable system.
Year: 2008.
Capacity 30 Ton.
Cable lenght: 10.6 meter.

NL Truck!


1st Owner!

ID NR: 32.

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MAN 6x6 HTS 30 Tons NCH System NL Truck Topcondition!
€ 25.000,-
592.683 km

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